Pansy Aung
Creative Director • Art Director

I’ve has been involved with the Friends of Windmill for several years, PR-ing an old windmill that can found on a housing estate in Brixton. In late 2012 we won a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to launch a project called Mill Memories.

Mill Memories is based on interviews with local residents about their memories of Brixton Windmill, showing its importance in local history and culture.

We produced an exhibition and a theatrical performance, which was put on at a Big Lunch in May 2014.

The book and interactive installations I designed and produced were commended by the National Lottery Heritage Fund for the outstanding quality of work and are now used as teaching material for oral historians.

The interactive installations are now touring around London libraries and the book can be found in the British Library amongst others.

Interactive installation & the Big Lunch


Creatives: Pansy Aung & Brixton Windmill, Designer: Pansy Aung

We created a campaign to get local community and people who live on the estate next door excited about The Windmill with 'Loaf Day'. The idea was that the residents would wake up to fresh bread on their doorstep by being given mini loaves and baked goods. We also organised for local residents to have their own open day and used the loaves as a way to invite them and tell them about it.

It was quite successful and we got The Windmill on BBC Radio London and various press.

Creatives: Pansy Aung & Anna Sweet