Pansy Aung
Creative Director • Art Director
London’s most iconic sign in Piccadilly Circus is turned into a gigantic interactive visitors' book with Little Picca.

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Little Piccadilly invites passers-by to create their own animated character and send it directly to the Piccadilly screen via their smartphone, or share it via social media if they aren't in the area.

Once posted to the screen, the characters, or "Little Residents" as we like to call them, can introduce themselves and interact with each other. The site detects the default language setting of the user’s smartphone and flashes up a greeting from their character in their native language. The characters can dance, high five each other and perform tricks on the big screen. They become a permanent resident of Little Piccadilly and will live alongside all the other little residents created from past and present. The sign is also updated according to the time of day, time of year, and the local weather.

There are over 300 million possible combinations of illustrated artwork and animations available at launch and we aim to roll out new functionality, such as messaging and real-time games, in the future.

And here's me.

Creatives: Pansy Aung & Anna Sweet,  Illustrator: Stanley Chow, Developer: Pirata