Pansy Aung
Creative Director • Art Director
Smartwatches are synonymous with sports tracking. So to launch the Samsung Gear S3, we wanted to use its biometric monitoring capabilities in a completely unexpected way.
We created The Gear S3 World Choir, the world’s first stage that enables the audience to see how a choir feels inside as they sing.

Over the 24 days to Christmas, 24 choirs from around the world performed on it. As each sang, Gear S3s sent their biometric data to the innovative screens below, where their heart rate, calories, vocals and movements transformed into bespoke visuals, connecting the audience to performance like never before.

Gear S3 World Choir Stage

On-Screen Visuals

Real-time Biometric Data Visualisation

Creatives: Pansy Aung & Senan Lee, Developer: Framestore

Campaign Creative Tech Awards 2017 - Platinum, Judges' Choice
Campaign Creative Tech Awards 2017 - Gold in Experiential Technology
Creative Circle 2017 - Bronze in Spatial Design
DMA 2017 - Bronze in Technology
DMA 2017 - Shortlisted in Experiential
DMA 2017 - Shortlisted in Out of Home
BIMA 2017 - Shortlisted in Technology: Craft
The Drum 2017 - Shortlisted in Experiential
The Drum 2017 - Shortlisted in Ambient
The Drum 2017 - Shortlisted in B2C Experiential Brand Campaign
The Drum 2017 - Shortlisted in Innovative Activation
The Drum 2017 - Shortlisted in Cultural Event of the Year
Creativity Online 2017 - Editor's Pick

  • 1 World’s first biometrically powered stage
  • 15,000 Live demos
  • 4.2 Million visitors
  • Gear S3 Sold out in central London and Samsung online during campaign period